DUSLO is a chemical company started over 40 years ago located in the town Sala in Slovakia.  It is a very modern facility and produces fertilizers, rubber chemicals, magnesium flame retardants and PVAC-dispersions.  The following products are available for the rubber industry:

Dusantox® 6PPD
is one of the most often used and most efficient commercial antidegradants for rubber and other elastomers. It cumulates within itself antiozonative, antioxidative and anti-fatigue protective properties with long lasting effecivity in all types of caoutchoucs.
Dusantox® IPPD is the most effective commercially used antidegradants, taking into account its total effects. It is an excellent antiozonant, antioxidative, significantly increases the resistance against dynamic fatigue and suppresses the effects of caoutchouc poisons.
Dusantox® 86 is a non-coloring antioxidative for general applications, first of all for rubber products on the basis of CR, NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, but also for plastics. It provides efficient and long-lasting protection against the effects of oxygen, heat, dynamic fatigue as well as against caoutchouc poisons.
Dusantox® L - a liquid stabilizing agent of synthetic dry rubbers with the long-term protective effect within rubber products, too. It was proved competent for SBR and IR, too.


Duslin® P N-cyclohexyltiophtalimid (CTP), is a highly efficient inhibitor for vulcanization of caoutchouc mixtures, mainly on the basis of diene caoutchouc, vulcanized by sulfur in the presence of thiasol and mainly sufhenamid containing accelerators.
Duslin® G-80 granulated form of N-cyclohexyltiophtalmid with non-toxic paraffin binding agent. The granulated form suppresses significantly the skin irritating effects of CTP, decreases the effective component losses during handling and ensures a perfect dispersation of the active component in caoutchouc.
Duslin® PP N-cyclohexyltiophtalmid in powder (CTP), modified by butyloleate, as agent against sintering.

Istrochem,a.s. belongs to one of the oldest companies in the Slovak chemical industry. Alfred Nobel, Swedish inventor of dynamite established the company in 1873 within his broader business activities in Europe. The original name of the company was Dynamit Nobel and the first production program included solely the dynamite type explosives.

In the course of its 128 year history Istrochem diversified its production program and gained an important position in Slovakia and abroad.  Today the plant is one of the few producers in the world that produces the high quality rubber accelerators CBS and TBBS.

Rubber chemicals