Agrofert Holding is the owner of the TiO2 producer, Precheza, www.precheza.cz, which is located in Prerov, Czech Republic.  The TiO2 factory was built using sulfate technology in the 1960's.  The plant has undergone a complete modernization and today is one of the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient plants in the world.  The plant has introduced a new line of high quality products based on the improved design.  Precheza produces a wide range of anatase and rutile pigments for all major application areas including paper, paint, inks, food, fibers and plastics.



R200M rutile pigment for paper, road markings, plastics and products not requiring finest dispersion.  NSF approved for use in PVC pipe
RGX low treated hydrophobic pigment for general plastics with neutral undertone
RGX300 – high treated for plastics requiring better weather resistance
RGU – universal type pigment for general coatings
RG18 higher surface treated pigment for better dispersibility, higher whiteness and better opacity in coatings
RGZW zirconium treated pigment for best weather resistance and highest gloss in coatings
RGLP - paper laminate grade with good light fastness


AV01SF – untreated anatase grade for use in paper, rubber, chemical and indoor coatings
AV01FG – high purity anatase for use in food and pharmaceuticals– meets European and US requirements for direct use in food and USP